Policy Briefs

FLUX publishes short Policy Brief articles, which summarise research results in a compact and concrete format. Policy Brief articles are intended to support decision-making in the society by providing information for the decision makers.

Mikko Myrskylä, Julia Hellstrand, Sampo Lappo, Angelo Lorenti, Jessica Nisen, Ziwei Rao & Heikki Tikanmäki: Investments in education offset the impact of lower fertility – even without additional funding | PDF

Linus Andersson: Finnish women and men increasingly have their children within the context of their second rather than first co-residing partnership | PDF

Sanni Välimäki, Johanna Lammi-Taskula, Merita Mesiäislehto & Johanna Närvi: More children under 3 attend early childhood education and care – progress slower in Finland than elsewhere in Europe | PDF

Mika Gissler: Almost 6% of children are conceived through fertility treatment – delayed childbearing increases the need for treatment | PDF

Julia Hellstrand, Jessica Nisén & Mikko Myrskylä: Stronger fertility declines in educational fields associated with higher economic uncertainty | PDF

Julia Hellstrand, Jessica Nisén & Mikko Myrskylä: Barnafödandet har sjunkit mest inom utbildningsområden förknippade med högre ekonomisk osäkerhet | PDF

Juho Härkönen, Marika Jalovaara & Anneli Miettinen: Employment of single mothers and fathers has remained lower than that of partnered parents | PDF

Tapio Räsänen & Eva Österbacka: Reforming childcare support can improve equality, both between men and women and between different socioeconomic groups | PDF

Jessica Nisén: Becoming a parent at an older age has different effects for the early careers of women and men | PDF

The Strategic Research DEMOGRAPHY programme: The demographic change challenges the sustainability of the Finnish society (PDF, double page | PDF, page)

Anni Erlandsson: Employers discriminate against foreign-named job applicants in Sweden – no signs of discrimination based on gender or parenthood in general | PDF

Julia Hellstrand, Jessica Nisén & Mikko Myrskylä: Finnish women not only have children later in their lives, but now also fewer | PDF

Marika Jalovaara & Anneli Miettinen: The highly educated often have two children — childlessness and high numbers of children more commonly seen among low- and medium-educated persons | PDF