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What’s going on in FLUX 2/2022

FLUX has appointed a Scientific Advisory Board and Societal Impact Advisory Board

The boards will support FLUX in reaching its goals in science and in societal impact. The members of the Societal Impact Advisory Board represent widely the actors relevant to FLUX research themes in Finland, and the members of the Scientific Advisory Board are internationally recognized scholars.

Read more about the Scientific Advisory Board and Societal Impact Advisory board

FLUX has launched a blog!

The FLUX blog aims to open new research-based viewpoints to the research themes of FLUX to both academics and general public. Our first blog post is written by Mika Gissler, Marika Jalovaara and Jessica Nisén: The Finnish birth rate is rising – due to or in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic?

The FLUX Blog front page

Strategic Research Council reports

Strategic Research Council has published the “current status reports” of the consortiums in the DEMOGRAPHY programme. In the reports, each consortium described the current state of affairs in their field, and their academic and societal impact goals. The reports were prepared in Finnish.

FLUX in the Strategic Research Council page (report available only in Finnish)

Recent publications

Andrés F. Castro Torres, Ewa Batyra & Mikko Myrskylä (2022): Income Inequality and Increasing Dispersion of the Transition to First Birth in the Global South. Population and Development Review.