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What’s going on in FLUX?

FLUX researchers are active not only as researchers, but also as communicators. They publish to both academic community and the general public, since the research themes in FLUX are compelling. This post collects some of the recent publications where FLUX researchers have been involved.

The pandemic delivered a surprise to Nordic countries: a baby boom

This story by National Geographic studies the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to fertility in the Nordic countries. FLUX Researcher Jessica Nisén was interviewed as an expert to this story. This story is worth reading, also because of the fun illustrations!

Read the full story here

Less is more or more is more?

FLUX researchers publish their latest research results as working papers. The FLUX working paper series was established as a subseries under the INVEST Working papers series. The first working paper of the FLUX subseries has now been published.

In the working paper Less is more or more is more? Union dissolution and re-partnering as an engine for fertility in a demographic forerunner context – a register based completed cohort fertility approach Linus Andersson, Marika Jalovaara, Caroline Uggla and Jan Saarela study re-partnering and fertility. A conclusion is, that re-partnering is negatively associated with fertility, compared to individuals in a single intact union.

Read the working paper here

Photo: Markus Winkler/ Unsplash