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What’s going on in FLUX 4/2022

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FLUX Policy Brief is published

FLUX publishes short Policy Brief articles, which summarise research results in a compact and concrete format. Policy Brief articles are intended to support decision-making in the society by providing information for the decision makers.

The second FLUX policy brief:

Julia Hellstrand, Jessica Nisén & Mikko Myrskylä: Finnish women not only have children later in their lives, but now also fewer 

New working papers

The latest FLUX working paper is about fertility in the times of COVID-19 pandemic in Finland

Fertility recovery despite the COVID-19 pandemic in Finland?
Jessica Nisén, Marika Jalovaara, Anna Rotkirch, Mika Gissler

Blog post summarises the aims of FLUX

The blog post “Evidence-based solutions for adapting to changes in fertility” summarises the challenges that FLUX addresses, and presents both the research and impact goals of FLUX.

Read the blog post here.

Other news

Lydia Palumbo, who recently started in FLUX, successfully defended her PhD thesis on 13 April 2022, and obtained her doctorate from the University of Southampton. Her dissertation is titled “The relationship between economic precariousness, parental socio-economic status, and partnership dynamics among young adults in the UK”. Congratulations Lydia! Read more here.