Nordic Fertility Research Workshop gathered fertility researchers to Saltsjöbaden in Sweden

The workshop included researchers from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia to discuss the latest results in fertility research in the Nordic countries.

The programme started with a round of fertility updates with snapshots of statistics of the current fertility situation in each country.

Research insights focused on the recent research in topics related to fertility, and they shed light on the impact of e.g., the Covid-19 pandemic, partnership formation, employment uncertainty, religion, and global uncertainties to fertility. The insights also covered fertility intentions and childbearing ideals. The role of policies was discussed from the viewpoints of childcare leave and the consequences of childbearing, family policies, and public funding for fertility treatments.

The participants said they really enjoyed the very informative presentations and the entire event, including meeting and networking with other researchers.

This was the third time when the Nordic fertility research workshop was organized. The first event took place in Oslo in 2019, and second was organized online in early 2021.

Participants included several researchers from FLUX and NetResilience projects, as well as INVEST Flagship.

The workshop was jointly organized by Stockholm University Demography Unit, FLUX and NEFER.