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Demographic changes challenge the sustainability of our society – key points gathered

The Strategic Research DEMOGRAPHY-programme briefing package gathers key facts and issues on demographic change that should be taken into consideration in decision-making.

Finland is in a period of major demographic change. The population is ageing rapidly and the number of people of working age is declining. The decline in birth rates is accelerating this change even more, and regional disparities are becoming more visible.

The share of foreign-born in the population is also growing, and in the future the society will be more culturally and ethnically diverse. Immigration can improve Finland’s economic dependency ratio – but only if immigrants are employed and feel included in society.

– These are fundamental changes that will affect society as a whole as well as our daily lives, says Programme Director Susan Kuivalainen.

Questions regarding demography affect all policy areas

Preparing for change is essential to maintain the social and economic sustainability of our societies. Demographic issues concern all policy areas and sectors. However, they are often overlooked because they are not the responsibility of any particular body.

– The population should be the starting point for decision-making in all policies, Kuivalainen stresses.

The research projects within the DEMOGRAPHY-programme have put together a briefing package to help decision-makers. It summarises key facts on demographic change and issues that should be taken into account in decision-making.

– It is important for decision-makers to understand the causes of demographic change so that they can make the necessary decisions, says Kuivalainen.

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